March 20, 2023

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Grip ’em and rip ’em, it’s National Espresso Day

Buon giorno, amicos! It’s National Espresso Day and what better way to start off your morning than by ordering a double espresso and ripping it right then and there at the cafe bar.

white ceramic mug and saucer
Photo by Victor Freitas on

It’s a near perfect experience. The tiny cups makes for an incredibly classy, yet efficiently caffeinated experience. Speaking of that, Italian coffee culture needs to come to America. Enough with the iced, pumpkin, birthday cake mocha-frappa-whatevers… order a double espresso and move on, please and thank you. Also, no coffee drinks with milk after 11am. Save your lattes for the morning, any afternoon pick-me-ups should be strictly caffeine.

Espressos the most classy and versatile coffee drink. They can be enjoyed early in the morning, in the afternoon, or late in the evening after a large meal. I’m a firm believer of finishing every meal with a dessert and an espresso. Let your inner Italian out today, be a man and rip an espresso, straight. For the culture.

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