March 31, 2023

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Goodbye Early 20’s, Hello 2 Day Hangovers

I’m not quite sure yet if I have the liver of a 50 year old man or just am finally getting a bit older, but either way it sucks. I’ve finally crossed over the threshold of adulthood: The grand territory of 2 day hangovers. Last weekend might’ve been a bit too aggressive of a bender for me, especially because it’s not Monday morning and I’m arguably just as hungover today as I was Sunday morning.

I always thought this milestone would at least take me until my 30’s to reach, but I guess 6 or so years of absolutely trashing my body with college binging and the occasional adulthood bender I’ve achieved the fast pass to ruining the start of the work week with the spins.

2 day hangovers

Seriously, this meme is the reality of my life now. Anything over 4 drinks and I’ll be waking up in the morning with a dull headache and hot flashes like I’m starting menopause or something. Never thought I’d have to hang up my skates so early but I guess I’m at a crossroads. I’ve earned my keep, don’t get me wrong. If I call it a career now there’s no doubt my jersey gets retired in the rafters with the rest of the bender greats. But do I still have a few years and a few beers left in me?

Gimme like 2 more days to answer that question. I’m literally sitting at my desk wrapped in a blanket right now reevaluating my drinking abilities and remembering all the dumbass DM’s and texts I’ve sent over the past 3 days. After all the cringe memories and gagging fits have ended around Wednesday this week I’m sure I’ll come to the same answer I always do once my body feels even the slightest bit better. I’m not fuckin’ leavin’!

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