February 6, 2023

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Going Deep Reviews: Tommy’s Chili

I’m introducing my “Going Deep” series where I review various foods, movies or anything pressing. My goal is to dive deep in the specifics and inform readers on what they NEED to know. This is meant to benefit anyone and everyone interested in the finer things in life. I’m going to drown in the facts for the people.

Kicking us off with a bang, we have the chili from Tommy’s. When I think of chili at first, many things come to mind. The explosive diarrhea, potential to clog all my arteries, the nutrients and overall taste are the first things on my mind. Tommy’s chili is great, but it has to be the greasiest on earth. While being very tasty and packed with nutrients, their chili probably has as much grease as an Italian’s hair while fist pumping in 86% humidity. Tommy’s chili is also fairy ground up and fine, which I prefer. There is nothing worse than gobbling down a larger piece of meat than you were expecting.


Aside from the health concerns, Tommy’s Chili tastes better than most other chilis I have tried, and I love chili. The only rival chili is The Hat, but if you don’t order the pastrami at The Hat you’re a total degenerate asshole and should stay away from me. Tommy’s chili is the perfect consistency and also is packed with nutrients. I suggest you try it, it’s worth it because of the taste. To play it safes, I suggest you have some adult diapers in close proximity so they are accessible.

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