February 2, 2023

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Going Deep Reviews: In-N-Out

Any red-blooded American loves In-N-Out. Of course, assuming that they aren’t totally bat shit crazy. Having said that, I wanted to give my honest and unbiased review on In-N-Out as a chain. While I love In-N-Out to my core, I will be brutally honest as I need to be honest as a journalist.

The Good: In-N-Out has the best meat that anyone would be lucky to wrap their jaws around. Their meat suppliers need to be within a certain distance from each location, making the meat you eat as fresh as possible. When I have my mouth around meat, I always focus on the juiciness and overall consistency. In-N-Out burgers are great for both of these criteria and I can’t get enough of it. Also, the spread is fucking perfect and should be as popular a sauce as ketchup or mustard.

The Bad: The fried suck major ass and really suck in general. They are soft, and don’t have any crunch whatsoever. I, personally, only like eating fries that are soaked in grease for as long as possible. This is not the care for In-N-Out and it needs to change. Also, the peppers are really spicy. For me this is a good thing but many people can’t handle it.

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