March 31, 2023

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Go see Your 2021 Wrapped on Spotify

By now you’ve seen every chick you know posting their results on their Instagram story, but don’t let the bragging on how many times they played Justin Bieber’s Peaches on repeat steer you away. Go to Spotify and check out “Your 2021 Wrapped”, an exclusive story that shows your listening habits on the app over the past year. From top artists to most played song the story shows just what you were listening to, but beware some of your listening habits may be as embarrassing as mine.

your 2021 wrapped

I swear to God I have no idea why Drake’s my top artist. I know the algorithm on the app doesn’t lie, but really? Drake? Spotify, why you gotta do me like that? Why you gotta make me seem like I listen to the same playlists as a rich teenage girl from Calabasas? The other 4 I can live with, especially Mac Miller… But Drake? If I lose all of my followers’ respect after this post, let me just say I completely understand. But I promise you there’s more to me than bad musical taste.

Now this one I can totally believe. Over +38k listening minutes is definitely a milestone I’ve crossed over this year considering I play music while answering the phones at work. I’m what you would call a liztomaniac, someone who listens to music on a psychotic level. Only reason it’s just 38k minutes is because the other 20k were spent listening on Soundcloud. Regardless, compared to anyone else’s posts so far I completely blow their listening time out of the water like the music god I am.

Obviously there were far more slides showing just what and who I listened to but believe me when I say it gets much worse than Drake being my top artist this year, so I’ll go ahead and keep those to myself. Regardless, go on the Spotify app and see for yourself just what you’ve been listening to in the year of the Delta variant, 2021.

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