March 31, 2023

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Get the antlers off your car, your Prius looks ridiculous

Every year, without fail, no matter what corner of this God-foresaken country you’re in, you’ll spot a stupid car with a pair of stupid antlers and a big stupid red nose stuck right on the front, in a tacky and cheap effort to get into the “Christmas spirit.”

And every year, without fail, I’ll think to myself, “God, they look like such an idiot. What in the right mind would ever possess someone to dress their car up like Rudolph?” Especially on a nice car. Like you would think someone driving a BMW would have more class than to put antlers on their fucking car. Never one time in my entire life have I ever been, “Oooh that’s clever, I like that.”

It’s one thing to decorate your house for Christmas. I am actually a fan of a nice, clean, classy Christmas light display. But enough with the car antlers, it looks ridiculous!! I cannot stand people who put these holiday antlers on their car. Like what are you doing?!? What is even the point?

It’s one thing to get in the Christmas spirit, and it’s another to make an absolute fool out of yourself or anybody else that would get dealt the unfortunate hand of having to ride along in that car. There’s embracing Christmas spirit and then there’s just being cringey. The car-antler folks definitely fall into the latter category. The Christmas Spirit isn’t about the decorations, it’s about the message. So in this case, what are the decorations really about? Are you just trying to prove you’re more Christmassy than the other soccer-mom Karens? Congratulations, thanks to your car antlers, you won Christmas. No, just kidding, the only thing you won is being the most idiotic looking car on the street right now.

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