February 2, 2023

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Funny Wines that are Actually Great

Buying wine for an event or date night can be fucking stressful.  We all want something reasonably priced, decent quality and a possible conversation starter.  Here is my list of the best wines that are hilarious while also being a solid choice for any event:  

  1. Menage a Trois – 9 points 

Menage a Trois is a California based brand that is very popular.  Menage has just about any wine varietal you can imagine and is typically priced between $7-$12 depending on your location. The wine tastes great and is the perfect price point to be able to make sex jokes throughout your entire event.  Menage is available at any retail outlet that sells wine. 

  1. Gnarly Head – 7.5 points 

Gnarly Head is another popular brand that offers the ability to make sex jokes everytime someone takes a sip.  Who doesn’t love some Gnarly Head?  While being a popular brand, Gnarly Head doesn’t have the variety or accessibility that Menage does, but is the perfect sexual innuendo for date night. Gnarly Head typically costs between $10-$15. You can find Gnarly Head at most chain grocery stores and some liquor stores with slightly less distribution than most brands. 

  1. Sofa King Bueno – 7 points 

Sofa King Bueno is a red blend created by Chronic Cellars.  In my opinion, this is the best quality wine on this list but is by far the hardest to find and you can only get a red blend.  Only a handful of grocery stores carry this brand but BevMo and Total Wine will carry it. Typically about $22-$25, Sofa King Bueno is the most expensive but it is an artistic label which is a conversation piece by itself.  Bottom line, this wine is so fucking good. 

Bottom line, you can have a solid night with any of these choices. Also, it’s always a plus to be able to make sex jokes to break the ice on a date or any other situation.

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