March 31, 2023

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FMK: Fries, Tots and Mozzarella Sticks

Football season is in full swing. These are my top three appetizers of choice while watching football for obvious reasons. They all totally rule. Having said that, I think it’s important to discuss the FMK for these big three appetizers and sides.

Fuck: Tater Tots, and that’s an easy answer for me. Not only are tots fire, but they pack a healthy and nutritious punch. While they are fried, they offer the carbs you need to get through the day. Lets face it, gambling on football and losing the bulk of your paycheck is always fun, but you need energy to get through it. When a tot is cooked right, it slaps. The crunch alone is what does it for me.

Marry: I would marry mozzarella sticks. Listen, these are the best football snack. There is nothing better than a fried stick of cheese. Plus, as an Italian, I have to take the side of mozzarella sticks. No matter if you eat them as an appetizer or a side to your meal, they work out almost every time. The only bad ones I have gotten were from Buffalo Wild Wings because they were still frozen.

Kill: I would kill French fries. to me, great fries would be the marry option, but fries are way to inconsistent. Not only do they taste great for the most part, but they go with almost every meal. But, for me, I can’t stand something soft in my mouth. I prefer something hard and crispy and many fries just aren’t that.

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