June 5, 2023

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Florida Man Washes up on Shore in Giant Bubble-Craft

Reza Baluchi in the giant bubble in which he hoped to run from Florida to Bermuda.

Florida runner Reza Baluchi was recovered by police officers on July 24th after concerned citizens noticed a strange cagelike vessel floating along the shoreline. Baluchi, who was unharmed, had attempted to “walk” along the water from Florida to New York in hopes of raising money for the homeless, the Coast Gaurd, and Floridian public services. While Baluchi’s attempt to emulate Jesus Christ does sound a bit odd, this isn’t the first time the athlete has pursued lofty goals in the name of charity.

In 2014, Reza Baluchi attempted to traverse between Florida and Bermuda in his aptly dubbed ‘hydropod.’ The journey was unsuccessful, however, as Baluchi was eventually rescued by the U.S. Coast Gaurd. While these failed efforts paint a disappointing picture on their own, Reza has successfully run from Los Angeles to New York on two separate occasions and has traversed the 11,720-mile perimeter of the United States. Aka, this guy is no joke – at least when there’s no giant bubble cage involved.

Reza Baluchi in the giant bubble in which he hoped to run from Florida to Bermuda. (source: The Today Show)

This time around, Reza’s trip was cut short thanks to the discovery of some stolen equipment. The supplies were deemed necessary and thus the hydropod was forced to a halt. As an Iranian refuge trying to raise money for wholesome causes, you can’t help but root for Reza. Here’s hoping he can get things squared away before his next stroll up the Atlantic.

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