May 28, 2023

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Flip Screen Cash Registers are a Tip Guilt Trip

Who the hell made these new flip screen registers the new norm at stores? If you’ve been to a takeout restaurant or mom and pop shop in the last year you’ve probably encountered the latest technology in the cashier arsenal… the flip screen register. I’m sure they’ve been adopted by a large number of organizations because of the user friendly interface, but when I started seeing the question “Would You Like to Add a Tip?” popping up as soon as the cashier turns the screen to me and just judgingly stares into my eyes like a starving child on a Sarah McLachlan commercial I had the feeling this wasn’t designed by accident.

Seriously, when did we start tipping people for swiping a fucking credit card? Or worse, when it’s a self checkout and there’s literally nobody to tip? Am I tipping myself for doing such a good job selecting my food for the takeout kitchen? No! It’s just a mental game these machines play to manipulate you into feeling bad and guilt tipping the cashiers. Or worse! Nobody at all!


The only thing to do is understand the golden rule of tipping, besides 15% minimum: If you’re not getting served… DON’T TIP! Someone manning a cash register isn’t a service worthy of more than a buck if you feel the need to even give them that. Sorry, 17 year old high schooler telling the kitchen to do all the actual work, you’re not getting the sympathy tip. Flipping the screen in my face and staring at me as I navigate the tip screen won’t help your cause. Ill proudly select “custom tip” then promptly enter $0.00 with a smile on my face as I watch you turn it back to see the total of the purchase hasn’t changed. Fuck you.

And if you’re one of those people that can’t help but cave into the tip guilt trip but don’t want to give unearned gratitude payment, simply pay in cash. Hard to give those “help me” puppy dog eyes to you when they can’t flip the screen in the first place. Check mate. You’re welcome.

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