February 2, 2023

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Facebook Sunglasses Make Stalking Easy for Everyone

In yet another attempt to invade our personal privacy, this week Facebook launched a new line of sunglasses in a partnership with Ray-Ban, but not just any sunglasses. Mark Zuckerberg’s latest creeper creation features micro video cameras hidden in the sides of the glasses along with audio microphones that allow one to not only film their stalking prey, but also record their screams. With the option of either hitting a recording button on the side or simply saying “hey Facebook, take a video” convenience is now a tool in every stalker’s arsenal.

All stalking enthusiasts know how annoying it can be to constantly have to hide their video camera in clever ways to avoid getting caught by their stalkee, but with the discretion of the “Ray-Ban stories” glasses now you have the option of sneaking up and strangling your prey with both hands without worrying if you got everything on camera. And for the low price of $299 these ultimate invasion of privacy tools are in financial reach for even the most impoverished pedophiles.


I don’t know if it’s his sociopathic tendencies or possibility of being on the spectrum that made him think these glorified spy glasses were a good idea but it seems once again Mark Zuckerberg is completely out of touch with reality. The only market these glasses with really tap into are the obvious: Kids and stalkers, which is ironic because one will definitely use these invasive glasses to stalk the other. All in all I’m sure the creator of Facebook thought these would be a great idea in his isolation chamber, but when the first murder case uses a pair of these bad boys as evidence against the defendant maybe then he’ll realize how absolutely fuckin’ stupid it was to make a stalker’s wet dream a reality.

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