March 31, 2023

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Elon Musk Buys Twitter

Welp, looks like the Twitter hysteria’s become reality. The popular media platform is set to accept a $43 billion offer from Tesla CEO and multi-billionaire, Elon Musk, to buy the company outright, something that was viewed as a publicity stunt at first that’s now formed into an actual deal on Twitter’s table. According to CNN the only true obstacle at the moment holding up the actual transaction is a price negotiation with the current offer from Musk.

Apparently Twitter execs, in a last ditch effort to fatten their pockets, are asking for a few billion more which would increase share prices Musk’s willing to buy significantly, though his offer’s already much higher than Twitter’s publicly traded value.

So what does this mean with Musk coming in to take over the Twitter reigns? Elon’s no coward when it comes to speaking his mind on the current algorithmic efforts of the social media app. On multiple different occasions Musk’s voiced his frustration with “wokeism” and “censorship” from the politically driven corporate level decision makers on Twitter’s controlling board.

A fair assumption would be, with Musk taking Twitter’s throne, the days of Twitter censorship for polarizing voices will be a thing of the past. I think it’d be fair to say Trump and his mean tweets would make a comeback, which I personally find hilarious. But more importantly it means less control and more conversation on stuff that matters, like COVID.

Hopefully Musk’s move will return Twitter to its past landscape of everything goes, except for clear violations of free speech like fake bomb scares or shit like that. If the Taliban can have a Twitter account then why does Twitter block my Lizzo Sucks commentary page? Hopefully Elon brings back my absolute gem and maybe throws a follow, too. Hopefully this is a sign of the beginning of the pendulum swinging back to comedy having no bounds, freedom to speak your mind, and the ability to absolutely troll the shit out of people on Twitter.

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