February 6, 2023

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Dwayne Haskins’ Wife Arrested After Knocking Out His Tooth

The wife of NFL failure Dwayne Haskins was arrested earlier this month on charges of domestic violence.  Kalabrya Gondrezick-Haskins (yikes) was arrested for an alleged assault on her husband.  Police responded to the call at 2am at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas where they found Dwayne with a split upper lip and a missing tooth inflicted by his wife.  Dwayne was apparently beat up so bad he was taken to the hospital and had to undergo dental surgery. 

In response to the situation Dwayne responded, “I appreciate the concern…however I have all my teeth,” he wrote on his Instagram story.  “Don’t believe everything you read.  Peace.”  However, we are all well aware that Dwayne is lying and he did in fact take a few haymakers from his wife. 

Dwayne pictured with his attacker

This news comes after a long string of depressing stories that comprise Dwayne Haskins reputation as an NFL player.  After a pathetic couple years in Washington, Haskins is now signed as a deep-bench quarterback for the Steelers.  After blowing possibly the best opportunity of his life, and now being demoted to a forgettable player that will inevitably get passed around until his NFL demise, Dwayne had to endure his final punishment; getting his shit rocked by his wife.

In some ways this feels well deserved.  Haskins spent his first two years in the NFL taking selfies and throwing 1’s at twerking asses.  This man was given too much too soon and handled himself like a complete child.  It’s only fitting that even after taking his licks Dwayne would take to his favorite hiding place, instagram, to tell some sad lie about how he didn’t get beat up that bad.  It’s a good thing Dwayne is headed to a team where he can fuck around and make TikToks with JuJu Smith without spreading his cancer of a personality to other teams. 

Dwayne Haskins probably throwing for an interception

It’s reported that Dwayne will stay with his wife Kalabrya and continue his loveless marriage in Pittsburgh.  It is very possible that this is a blessing and Kalabrya beat some sense into Haskins.  No one said it should have been his wife, but someone needed to slap this guy around a little bit.  However, it is very likely that Haskins will heal from his injuries and return to the Steelers where he will play second string to a losing record team. 

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