June 5, 2023

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Dutch Bitterballs Are The Drunk Food America Needs Right Now

It’s that time of the night… a long evening of partying and now you have that incurable hankering for some greasy drunchies. You could grab a burger, or maybe a burrito… but what if I told you our friendly friends in The Netherlands may have actually invented THE BEST food to sober you up, The Bitterbal. I had some on my last trip to Amsterdam in 2018, and I couldn’t believe they haven’t made their way to the States yet. Dutch Bitterballen are little deep fried balls of meat-gravy happiness. They have a crispy fried, exterior, with a gooey, mushy interior. These potato croquette-like treats are absolutely to-die-for, and need to be on every American dive bar menu like yesterday.

Imagine your standard mac n’ cheese bites; except with ground beef, pork, chicken, you name it, all mushed inside. The place that I went to “Bar Bitterbal” has like over 25 different kinds of these stuffed meaty treats. They even had a chorizo one… to die for! Basically, they are made by cooking a gravy (either a chicken & gravy, beef & gravy, or even sausage & gravy), then cooling it, rolling the thick mixture into bite-sized balls, breading it and then deep frying it until golden brown. Kind of like bite-sized poutine balls, except it’s all fried. Those are the immaculate drunk food that is Bitterballs.

And bonus, you get to dip them in lots of great mustards and sauces. Who doesn’t love dipping sauces?!?! They’re usually served in orders of 5 or 6, but I could easily see myself taking down 12 balls after a couple Amstels and a Heini (+1 for the Dutch beer reference).

Here, look at my guy Abel enjoy the amazingness that is a Dutch Bitterballen.

Ahhhh, just makes you want to ride a bike through some canals doesn’t it. The first bar Stateside serving these delicious balls will have my business for life. You know, maybe I’ll just make them at home to enjoy after a long night out. Actually, on second thought, probably not. Hot kitchen oil and a BAC of +.08 doesn’t really sound like the best idea. Until we meet again, Bitterballs….

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