March 31, 2023

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If You Don’t Drink American Beer on the 4th of July, F**k You

The 4th of July is an absolute staple of patriotism for every man, woman and child that resides in this great county. Lest we forget the brave men who risked it all to create an independent, sovereign nation we call home, men of bravery for which they should be celebrated this coming Monday. But how will you be celebrating this great achievement of freedom? Some tequila? Maybe a few Modelos or so? GET FUCKED!

4th of July meme

This 4th of July it’s American or nothing! You better be double fisting Bud Lights with a sleeveless t- shirt and a bald eagle perched on your back or you can kiss my U.S.A A.S.S! Drinking imported beer on the 4th is the modern day equivalent of drinking British tea and slamming American beers in the masses is the goddamn tea party.

So have a “tea party” with the fellas, grab your ladies, grab some buds, blow some shit up, slap a British person in the face and have an absolutely soaking wet and wild AMERICAN 4th of July! Drink responsibly.

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