March 31, 2023

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‘Donda 2’ Set to be Released Next Month

Yeezy don’t wait for nobody. Polarizing rapper and potential messiah in hiding, Kanye West, has just announced his next album release following the successful drop of ‘Donda’ just 5 months ago. ‘Donda 2’ is set to be released on February 22nd of this year. Yes, in typical Ye fashion ‘Donda 2’ is releasing on 2/22/22. Any surprise there?

Donda 2

Let’s be realistic here, there’s absolutely no way in hell Kanye actually releases this album on time next month. Considering the fact that his last like 3 albums were weeks late I’d throw my money on seeing that album no sooner than March. Marketing strategy or artistic conflict, doesn’t matter, this thing ain’t coming out on time.

What’s coming on this new album? Who the fuck knows. Probably a bunch of tracks with Marilyn Manson or some freakishly polarizing artist and another 5 tracks about beating the shit out of Pete Davidson. I’m sure he’ll rip on Kim K as well, but that’s a given these days considering their divorce. I’m honestly curious to see how he can convince the world a song about ripping Pete Davidson’s nuts off has some spiritual Christian message.


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