March 31, 2023

The Tap Daily

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News Reporter Delivers Live Segment While Flexing Skateboard Skills


Detroit TV Reporter Victor Williams just went viral for delivering one of the best news segments of all time. While at the unveiling of a new skate park, the WDIV-Local 4 reporter hopped on a skateboard himself and delivered the report while casually testing out the untouched terrain. While live news fails are typically the clips that go viral, Williams’ skateboarding segment is an absolute news win. In response to the viral clip, many people hopped on Twitter to declare Victor Williams as having ‘won the internet’ for the day.

Williams has been skating since he was eight years old, and from the looks of it, seems just as comfortable reporting from his skateboard deck as he does with two feet on the ground. With a clip like this, WDIV-Local 4 news ought to dedicate a segment solely to Victor delivering stories from a half pipe. ‘Shredding with Victor’ is bound to attract viewers, and in an age where more and more people receive their news online, I don’t think it’s that dumb of an idea. Likewise, if this video causes a spike in other reporters attempting to match Williams’ prowess on the skateboard (likely resulting in some viral fails), then I’m all for that as well.

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