March 31, 2023

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Demi Lovato Says Calling Extraterrestrials “Aliens” is Offensive

First it was getting triggered by a fat free yogurt shop, now its outrage over offending space people. Demi Lovato’s once again on showing on full display why everyone in the entertainment industry is a fucking moron who should keep their opinions to themselves. Earlier this week Dem Dem told Pedestrian she believes calling extraterrestrials “aliens” is derogatory and offensive to any life in space. I’m not kidding, she actually said this. There’s no spin, no manipulation of her words. She willingly said this in front of an audience and thought she were doing something huge for “E.T’s” as she calls them.

I think that we have to stop calling them aliens because aliens is a derogatory term for anything. That’s why I like to call them ETs! – Dumbshit Demi

In my opinion it’s obvious Demi fried a fuse when she overdosed on coke a few years ago. Either that or “they’re” one of the dumbest people to ever exist on the grand stage of Hollywood right behind Paris Hilton. But keep in mind, even Paris didn’t try to convince people that “aliens” was an offensive term. Considering the fact that there’s ZERO evidence that aliens even exist in the first place she basically is telling us we need to stop using offensive terms when referring essentially to fictional beings. That’s like scolding people for referring to Bugs Bunny as a stupid rabbit. IT’S NOT REAL, DEMI!

Demi Lovato aliens

I’ll be honest, I never thought WOKENESS would reach space but goddamnit I guess I was wrong. Congratulations, Demi, now even “aliens” think we’re fuckin’ morons because if they’re out there I’m sure they’re definitely laughing their giant green asses off when they heard any transmission of what you said. But let’s be honest here, we’re not exactly dealing with the brightest bulb on the ‘Camp Rock’ chandelier, are we?

What the hell’s next? Will we have to stop calling canines “dogs” because it’s derogatory to their species? Bottom line I think we can all agree on this: It’s time for Demi Lovato to shut the fuck up. When you’re so privileged that your biggest concern is how to refer to fake space people, just know the rest of us with real problems are laughing at your dumbass.

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