March 31, 2023

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Days ’til Donda: Kanye Living in Stadium Until he Finishes New Album

Musician Kanye West has been living in Atlanta’s Mercedes Benz Stadium and will remain there until his new album, Donda, is released. The album, which is named after Ye’s late mother, is set to release on Friday, August 6th.

Kanye’s commitment to living in the Mercedes Benz Stadium comes after his star-studded listening party last Thursday, July 22. Many a celebrity flocked to the stadium to partake in West’s latest artistic venture. Guests included several Kardashians – namely Kim K and the ex-couple’s four children. While the album was originally set to be released the following day, something must have thrown Yeezy off. Donned in his customary outlandish attire, the rapper barely said a word throughout the night, and in turn, delivered a bizarre, low-energy listening experience to his audience.

Kanye is no stranger to controversy and bold artistic choices. His latest album, Jesus is King, shook up the artist’s established discography and won a Grammy for best contemporary Christian album. Years before, West altered the tracklist of The Life of Pablo several times, despite the album already being available across streaming services. AKA, unconventional decisions are the norm for Kanye West, and I for one am excited to see what the artist has cooked up when Donda (hopefully) drops on August 6th.

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