June 5, 2023

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Could I Beat Danny DeVito In Arm Wrestling?

One of my friends and I were talking the other day about whether I could beat Danny DeVito in an arm wrestling match or not. I arm wrestle her all the time and usually she beats me. Having said that, she has good awareness about my strength, speed and overall technique. Her vote was no and I funny disagree.

Danny has a very menacing physique which is built for arm wrestling. Having a short, stocky frame together with T-Rex like arms makes him an ideal athlete in the world of arm wrestling. But, I have to account for his overall build and mental capacity to succeed. Danny has never formally been trained in arm wrestling like I have, so to me I could maybe pull off a cum from behind victory.

Lately, I have been taking karate classes online. This helps me build my mental strength to overcome adversity and beat others who may have a physical upper hand. I have the killer instinct needed to work him in an arm wrestling match. To beat him, I’ll combine my winning attitude, technical skills and steroids to overpower him completely. The steroids are fully legitimate as I got them from a guy behind Gold’s Gym last week. He said to inject it in my ass because it helps get to my bloodstream quicker that way.

Danny doesn’t stand a chance.

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