February 2, 2023

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Correctional Officer Accused of Having Sex In front of 11 Inmates

Earlier this month Tina Gonzalez, a correctional officer from Fresno County Jail, was sentenced to prison for going far beyond her call of duty.  Gonzalez was not only being charged for having sex with inmates, but having sex in front of large groups of inmates.  A witness had described a time when Gonzalez got it on in front of 11 other inmates, and even cut a hole in her uniform so that prisoners could regularly have sex with her while remaining inconspicuous.

While this is a big win for the Fresno County Jail, this has been absolutely devastating news to the inmates of Fresno County that fell under miss Gonzalez jurisdiction.  The inmates were apparently well aware of the reality of their situation, where they must now have sex with each other.

The unfortunate reality for Fresno County Inmates

It is no secret that Gonzalez was indeed an attractive woman at the young age of only 26.  She served as a Correctional Officer for 3 years before her arrest.  Apparently, all 3 of these years were spent committing her main crime.  That being group sex with inmates.  Gonzalez was also accused of providing inmates with razor blades and cell phones.  In essence, Tina Gonzalez was a gift from heaven to the inmates of Fresno County. 

When investigating the possible motive for such a peculiar crime, her coworkers confessed that Tina had just divorced her husband.  One can only imagine that man as having his soul crushed into complete nothingness, or as developing a debilitating addiction to prison gang-bang porn.  In either scenario, lest we forget this man. 

Once Gonzalez was caught and arrested, she was unable to accept what she had done was wrong in accordance with the law, and continuously would call prisoners to supplement her absence.  Sheriff of Fresno County Steve McComas recalled these phone calls, “…she has shown no remorse.  She continuously calls and has sexually explicit conversations with the inmates in question and boasts about the crimes she carried out.”  It’s clear that Tina just couldn’t get enough. 

Spirits are up in Fresno County Jail since Gonzalez’s sentencing

Gonzalez’s short sentence of 7 months can actually be seen as a life sentence.  Once Tina graduates from jail she will be forced to live in a civilian population, and unable to return to her former job she will be forced to recreate this situation in a large-format role-play group-sex settings; which are harder to come by than one can imagine.  Unable to recreate what she loves, Tina will be forced to live what is in her eyes, a meaningless life.       

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