March 31, 2023

The Tap Daily

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Pardon the interruption but this is HUGE news that I just had to share. My favorite show, and America’s favorite show, COPS, is officially back with new episodes. That’s right, all the live-action chases, hunting for hookers and interrogations of drugged out meth-heads are hitting your airways again, fresh as ever!

The newest seasons of COPS will air on the new Fox News streaming service, Fox Nation. Which honestly makes all the sense in the world. If anyone was gonna produce new episodes of COPS, leave it to the team at Fox News to put their “fair and balanced” touch on it. Regardless, in the age of cell phones and body cams, I’m just happy we get to see new and exciting cases and chases.

These cops interactions with these suspects are the greatest three-minutes of authentic, real life entertainment from America’s deadbeats you could ever ask for. My favorite is when the Cops go up to the guys who are CLEARLY tripping on drugs, then proceed to ask them if they are on any drugs… and the dudes nine out of ten times say, “no, they’ve never taken anything.” Like my guy, you’re foaming at the mouth right now and you expect America to believe you’ve never taken drugs once… good one.

My favorite game I like to play when watching COPS is called “Shirt or No Shirt” Here’s how it works…. Basically, based on the location and type of crime it is, as the police officer is responding, you have to guess whether or not the suspect is going to be wearing a shirt or no shirt. Armed robbery at a Bed Bath and Beyond in Des Moines, Iowa? Probably shirt. Domestic Violence in Pasco County, Florida? Probablyyyy no shirt. Fun, isn’t it?

Catch new episodes of COPS on Fox Nation, and if you don’t have Fox Nation (like most of us. I’m sorry… who actually has Fox Nation?) then you can watch the most recent seasons of COPS for free on Pluto TV.

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