February 2, 2023

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COD Vanguard Review

The newest and hottest game on the market is Call of Duty Vanguard. This game is one of the many in the COD world and was highly anticipated after the recent Warzone phoenomina that we know and love today.

Here is everything good with the game. First off, the kill time is much shorter and more realistic in this game. It doesn’t take half a clip from a Kilo or an Grau to kill someone or only own them. Also, the kill streaks don’t seem to be to overpowers which is nice. Often, killstreaks can ruin the game fr everyone and just make the game not fun.

Here is everything wrong with the game. First off, the spawn locations are a total dumpster fire.. AT LEAST once a game I will spawn in the direct line of fire of the enemy, sometimes even the same person that just killed me. Next, the shotguns are totally OP and can kill anyone from just about any distance. If you use a shotgun in the game right now, you have no skill and you’re a total pussy. Anyone can just sit in a corner and shoot a shotgun at a door fro 30 feet away.

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