March 20, 2023

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Classic Hairstyles that Deserve a Comeback in the 2020s

Classic Hairstyles that Deserve a Comeback in the 2020s

The world of fashion, cosmetics, and overall style can be so fickle. Baggy pants are in one year, and then skinny jeans are in the next. This rule is especially true for hairstyles. It can be painful looking at an old photo, only to realize that the fresh cut you were once proud of would make you a laughing stock if it was around today. However, shouldn’t people be free to rock whatever hairdo they please? This is 2021 folks, where stylistic expression is all the rage. Hence, here are a few classic hairstyles that deserve a comeback in the 2020s.


Classic Hairstyles that Deserve a Comeback in the 2020s

Starting off strong, we’ve got business in the front and party in the back. If high-waisted jeans and neon colors can make a comeback from the 80s, why not the mullet? Mullets pair great with mustaches and crushing beers. Let’s make this NASCAR staple great again!


I feel like the early 2000s was when American society was really figuring out its place in the world. Grunge rock music was huge, and the internet was becoming more and more relevant in daily life. This cultural awakening spiked appearances of the mullet’s edgy stepbrother: the mohawk. Mullets come in all shapes and sizes, but my favorite has to be super long hair, sticking straight up (thanks to an assortment of beauty products, of course).

Side Ponytail

Another hairstyle lost to the wind is the side ponytail. This unique follicle experiment from the 80s and 90s is reminiscent of many a Full House episode but seems to have lost its charm in the last couple of decades. In an age where self-expression and fitting the mold are both simultaneously preached by society, going against the grain by rocking a side pony is sure to make you stand out amongst a sea of stylistic homogeny.

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