March 31, 2023

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Clash of the Titans: Chipotle VS Qdoba

Chipotle Vs Qdoba

In the world of build your own burrito restaurants, there are two industry giants: Chipotle and Qdoba. While these quote-unquote ‘Mexican’ eateries essentially deliver the same formula, there has been much debate as to which one truly deserves the queso crown. There are definitely pros and cons to each franchise, but only one deserves the number one title.


Chipotle Vs Qdoba

For many people, Chipotle is the restaurant they think of when they want a burrito or burrito bowl custom built to their preferences. The company has done a great job of marketing itself as a vendor of fresh organic ingredients, but experience alone tends to prove otherwise. I like Chipotle as much as the next guy, but its consistency is way off. Half the time I go to any given Chipotle location, their meat and ingredients are great. The other half, it’s like eating blended rubber. And can we talk about portion sizes? What’s up with the tiny scoops of chicken? I know you’re not running low back there. Likewise, I am well aware that guac is extra. No need to specify to each customer every single time. Then again, being able to order a Modelo at what is basically an elitist fast food restaurant is pretty rad.


What Qdoba lacks in notoriety and marketing, it makes up for in cheaper prices and quality portions. Sure, I’ve had the rare unappetizing quesadilla, but most of the time that shit slaps. One huge pro for Qdoba is that you can order queso on your item free of charge, unlike their well-known rivals. Plus, I never feel like I need to ask for a second scoop of meat – the workers just know how to do it right. Speaking of workers, I have put some Qdoba employees through the rigorous trial of trying to fold my burrito after filling it with nearly every condiment at the bar, and every time they have succeeded. Chipotle on the other hand… well let’s just say the server wasn’t up to the task and had to call in a manager for backup.

Okay, so I know that this article is pretty subjective, and is pretty much all based on personal experience. However, having contested the Chipotle vs Qdoba debate throughout multiple locations across the country, I can confidently say that Qdoba leaves me satisfied nine times out of ten. As for Chipotle, just get some bigger f*cking scoops. I mean at roughly $20 bucks a meal it only makes sense.

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