March 31, 2023

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Clash of the Titans: Buffalo Wild Wings VS. Wingstop

Buffalo Wild Wings VS. Wingstop

Everyone loves chicken wings right? At least everyone I know does, and anyone who doesn’t is downright unpatriotic in my book. You can get wings at just about any dive bar, and they’re up there with cheeseburgers and apple pie when it comes to staples of American cuisine. If I’m in the mood for chicken wings, two franchises instantly come to mind: Buffalo Wild Wings (aka B-Dub’s) and Wingstop. While each company approaches its presentation differently, they both claim to deliver the same product. So let’s take a closer look and decide once and for all who really stands out as the king of the wings.


Buffalo Wild Wings VS. Wingstop

Wingstop delivers a no-nonsense, streamlined method of buying and ordering delicious chicken wings. Unlike its contender, Wingstop approaches fast-food territory with its typical walk-up and order at the counter formula. However, what the chain lacks in dining ambiance, it makes up for in excellent levels of seasoning and spice. Wingstop knocks it out of the park when it comes to flavor, and the chicken typically tastes pretty top-notch – despite the fact that it’s probably frozen beforehand. While the fries are nowhere on par with Chik-Fil-A or Mcdonald’s, they’re certainly not bad by any standard. If you’re hankering for wings to go, Wingstop is an excellent choice.

Buffalo Wild Wings

A close contender in terms of flavor, B-Dub’s approaches dining atmosphere in a very different manner than its contemporary. Sure you can order takeout and be happy, but to truly enjoy the Buffalo Wild Wings experience, you should sit down, order a beer, watch whatever game is playing on a tv in your vicinity, and stay awhile. Sure, service may vary from location to location, but having a meal at Buffalo Wild Wings provides the genuine sports bar experience – wings and all. Speaking of wings, B-Dub’s definitely delivers. However, I have ordered Garlic Parmesan and Lemon Pepper wings before, only to find them haphazardly tossed with a very uneven ratio of sauce/spice to breading ratio.


Now comes the time to choose. Which wing chain really tops the other? Well this one is a tough one to answer because they both essentially offer different things, despite what each company claims. For Wingstop, its wings and that’s it – a quick grab ‘n go if you will. As for Buffalo Wild Wings, you’re getting the whole restaurant experience. Sure the bill might be a little higher, but that’s because you were convinced to order two beers and a side of tater tots. When it comes down to it, Wingstop consistently delivers higher quality wings, but B-Dubs is the restaurant I’d rather go to. I’m a sit down and chat kind of guy, but game recognizes game. Thus, Wingstop earns the title of wing king.

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