February 6, 2023

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Christmas in LA isn’t real

On the Mic with Tim Drake: Episode 112 - Christmas in LA

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. From the decorations, the the carolers, to just the overwhelming sense of joy and holiday spirit flowing through the air. Unless you live in LA. In LA, there’s no such thing as “Christmas Spirit” and it makes me sick. And I get it, it’s a little hard to get into the holiday spirit when you’re wearing shorts and driving under palm trees to get your morning coffee next to surfers at the beach. But I’m not even talking about snow, or the weather.

I’ve been back home on the East coast for about two days now and the amount of times I’ve been randomly wished “Merry Christmas” by a stranger I was holding the door for, or a waitress, or an Uber driver, far outweighs the amount of times I’ve been wished it living the past four Christmas seasons in Los Angeles, combined. And sure there might be lights, or trees or decorations. But the real “holiday cheer” or “Christmas spirit” is personal, something LA lacks.

LA is so fake, there’s no sense of genuine holiday cheer. In LA, everyone is either criminally narcissistic or painfully aloof to everyday life that they are unable to comprehend the concept of people enjoying a festive, holiday season, together. In LA, any “Christmas Spirit” you may see is derived from rampant commercialism, rather than a genuine wish for a neighbor to actually enjoy Christmas. Everyone’s so wrapped up in their own lives, nobody actually stops and takes a moment to enjoy the Christmas season. I told one stranger in LA, “Merry Christmas” and they looked at me like it was August. It’s not that there’s an innate negligence to the “little things” like wishing a “Merry Christmas” to a stranger as they hold the door open, but just a pure ignorance of the fact that it’s a pleasant thing to do.

I liken it to their sports teams. Nobody’s a “real” LA fan. Remember when an LA team was in the Super Bowl a few years back?!? Or when the Kings won the Stanley Cup, twice?!?! Yeah, nothing. It’s a passionless city. From sports teams to holidays, the only thing people in LA can get behind, is themselves.

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