August 16, 2022

The Tap Daily

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Chris Taylor Is Insane

Chris Taylor was absolutely bombing the ball tonight in the Dodgers’ 11-2 win over the Braves. In a huge game for the Dodgers he came up clutch and led the team to a season saving win. Not only that, but he also went yard three times tonight at four ABs. The guy had a night to say the least and probably has a massive boner right now.

The guy went 4 for 5 with three home runs and 6 RBIs. If I were him I don’t think I wouldn’t go crazy for their off night. We all know the guy should celebrate a night like that. The video above was his 2nd home run of the night and if I were him I would have lost my shit. But of course, you have to appreciate that he hit the over all by himself. So not only did he win in the clutch but he also Madde everyone only. Life too short to bet the under so thanks Chris.

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