March 31, 2023

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Chris Paul Gets Heated at Fan Who Harassed his Family at Game

Chris Paul was FUMING before last night’s Suns vs. Mavs game. During warmups a young Mavericks fan was allegedly harassing and at one point put his hands on Paul’s mother which quickly earned him an ejection from the arena. Once Paul was notified about the fan’s harassment he wen’t off, yelling to the kid that he’d “see him later.” If I were that kid I’d probably be shitting my pants right now because a guy like Chris Paul could most likely get to you if he really wanted, and if this kid actually put his hands on Paul’s mother he’s about to catch the worst beating of his life.

What’s funny to me is the kid obviously looks like a richy rich Bryce Hall wannabe with those ridiculous stud earrings and court side seats with his rubber faced mommy. “Spoiled kid with no concept of consequences assaults Chris Paul’s mother” should be the headline of the whole altercation. I’m sure the kid’s mom here was whispering in his ear “it’s okay, honey. Don’t forget daddy’s a lawyer.” Not like this kid hasn’t probably hidden behind that fact before. “If you touch me my dad will sue your balls off!” I’d bet those same balls those words have come out of his TikToker parakeet mouth.

Chris Paul

Obviously the kid was majorly in the wrong here and most likely took trolling the away team too far, but as soon as you put hands on someone’s mother it’s a whole different level of fucked. If Chris Paul didn’t catch up with this kid in the parking lot I’m sure someone will recognize him at whatever Chuck-E-Cheese’s his young ass will be at and kick the absolute shit outta him. Nice slap of reality for his douchbagness. Sorry bud, the world has consequences. Chris Paul’s about to get even by putting hands on your mother, but not in the way you’re thinking. That’s right, he’s gonna revenge bang your mom. Way to go, champ.

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