October 6, 2022

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Chipotle Smoked Beef Brisket Review

Chipotle's new smoked brisket

Chipotle has announced that they came out with a ne menu item, the smoked beef brisket. I thought that this was a wild menu option for a Mexican fast food chain but here we are. Brisket is great, especially from Texas Road House. But can Chipotle play ball in the big leagues? Im here to let you know that no, they can’t.

The smoked beef brisket was alright but it just isn’t that good. To me, brisket is its own entree and doesn’t really work in a burrito or a bowl like Chipotle serves it. don’t get me wrong, it was pretty good brisket but I didn’t see the hype. Many of my friends said it was fire but I wouldn’t go out of your way to get it.

Fortunately, it tasted very good with the vinaigrette dressing. It was like a 10-15 minute wait for them to cook it though because everyone was there to try it. I asked a couple other people and they said about the same thing as me. It waste bad coming out too as typically I have to bring about 12 tide to go sticks to cover up the shit stains after I eat Chipotle.

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