February 2, 2023

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Check Out The Rock’s Doppelgänger

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and his doppelgänger
The Rock's doppelganger

Apparently Dwane Johnson has a secret twin fighting crime in Alabama. Police officer Eric Fields went viral this week for a photo that looks uncannily similar to the actor and former WWE star. After photos comparing the two spread throughout the internet, one user commented, ” That’s Dwayne The Cop Johnson.” Fields shares everything from The Rock’s massive cannons to his signature toothy grin. Either one of Johnson’s parents was getting frisky in ‘Bama during the mid-20th century, or another reality has merged into ours – one in which The Rock is living out one of his action movie roles in real life.

After discovering this weird doppelgänger coincidence for himself, Dwayne Johnson posted online about how he would like to meet Fields someday and share a drink over some of the law enforcer’s stories. What’s weird to think about though, is that if the Rock has a brother from another mother out there, couldn’t any of us? Celebrity lookalikes pop up on social media all the time, but no one stops to think about how the average Joe could have an evil twin living somewhere halfway around the globe. No one except for the writers on How I Met Your Mother, who thought of this concept years ago.

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