February 2, 2023

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‘Certified Lover Boy’ is Better Than ‘Donda’

Let me precurse this post by saying I am in no way a musical expert or will at all pretend to be. I’m just your average run of the mill guy who eats up mainstream rap albums like a white sorority girl. But regardless, after listening to both of the most recently released albums by Drake and Kanye West all the way through I’ve come to a sound conclusion… Drake’s ‘Certified Lover Boy’ is much better than Kanye’s ‘Donda.’

I gave ‘Donda’ the chance it deserved, especially after Kanye delayed the release of the album for months due to the “internal artistic battle” he always claims to have with himself. I understand the release was an homage to his late mother and something he put out as a message of changing his ways to a more religious route, but let’s be honest here and admit this album has no flow. Don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely some great tracks on there. ‘Jesus lord’ is a banger and so is ‘Remote Control,’ but if you’re constantly having to skip through an album to find good songs you know there’s a problem.

certified lover boy

While ‘Donda’ hasn’t lived up to the hype for me quite yet, Drake’s ‘Certified Lover Boy’ absolutely slaps titties. I have no problem hitting shuffle on this album and listening to whatever randomly comes on because 90% of the tracks on the release are absolute bangers. This is an album you can throw on in the background of a pregame, listen to while your at the gym and blast while driving with the car windows down. ‘Knife Talk’ and ‘Girls Want Girls’ are my two favorite songs so far but judging by the amount of quality tracks on this lineup these aren’t the only two tracks on ‘Certified Lover Boy’ that’ll be dominating the Spotify top 50 charts for months.

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