March 31, 2023

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Since inflation is so high right now, its next to impossible to buy a car. I’ve compiled a list of the top cars to own this year that offer some bang for your buck. This is a list that should be referred to for any car seekers and is a good template for other buyers out there.

The Toyota Prius leads the charge here as the most economical car to drive this year in 2022. I’m obviously not a biased Prius 3 owner with an eggshell white finish and black rims, so you know this has to be accurate and genuine information to follow. The Prius screams confidence. Think about it, often men with large cars are seen as having small wieners. By that logic, wouldn’t a Prius owner have an immaculate wiener? I’m pretty sure that any Prius owner, which definitely isn’t me, has a large wiener and knows how to use it not only recreationally but in a professional setting as well.

In my mind the Prius = Big wiener. Big wiener = confidence. Confidence = success. Do you want to be successful with a large wiener? Buy a Prius. Aside from the wiener talk, the Prius helps dudes break the ice and show off their sensitive side. If I owned a Prius, I’d probably join a Prius owners Facebook group to chat Prius news and spread general cheer. This will help make the world a better place. Any Prius owner constantly rubs off on others and helps make people the best people they can be. Also, they help each other realize they have a nice wiener.

The Ford F150 is the most common truck in America and might be more American than Apple Pie. I’m pretty sure its illegal to even own an F150 or drive it outside of the United States. I’m pretty sure theres a law about that somewhere in the anals of history. In all seriousness. The F150 is fucking sick and theres a reason people get it. Its reliable, spacious and has decent gas mileage for a truck. Since gas prices are so high, this helps. Also, its a straight up chick magnet. All dudes with a stock off the lot F150 full chicks left and right at their local dive bars. Seriously, F150 owners, just leave some for the rest of us.

G-Wagon’s are my next topic of discussion. This car offers so much bang for your buck its outrageous. It luxurious while also offering a sleek and modern style thats understated. A real path paver if you will. Not only is it economical (averaging 11 miles to the gallon) but it also looks like a square. How fucking cool is that, squares are a common shape tho this is a cool design? A car like this is a sign of wealth. What does wealth mean? You fucking guessed it.

Wealth means that you probably have a nice wiener. If I had to guess, anyone who drives a G-Wagon has a cool looking wiener. Size doesn’t always matter, but the style of your wiener does. A G-Wagon is a car that screams modern class and elegance, so the owners wiener probably screams the same thing. A G-Wagon gives the owner the confidence to walk around in style knowing their wiener should be seen by all (with consent, of course) and its important to remember to be extra flashy.

Last is literally any Fiat but I don’t have anything to say about their owners wiener.

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