March 31, 2023

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Buffalo Wild Wings Sucks

Don’t get me wrong, Buffalo Wild Wings is one of the best sports bar atmospheres around. I know that many people love it, and so do I, but is it overrated? I think so. While you can get 50-75 different games at once, and just about any football food to eat, I think it just isn’t the most unless its a last resort.

First off, the water always tastes like soap. I’m not sure what they’re doing in the back everyday but they for sure aren’t thoroughly rinsing out their cups. I always get water that tastes like soap and I just gut it because I know if they bring a new one out it will just be the same taste over and over.

Also, they usually take forever to bring your food out. this is typically okay since I go for full games at a time so there is plenty of time to kill. However, I am a hangry mother fucker and probably have the patience of a mother 5 minutes away from giving birth. Having said that, it is a mission to get your food as there is enough time to drink at least two beers from the time you order to the time you get to munch.

I do love BWWs because of the atmosphere and space, but the bite isn’t nearly as loud as the bark. Also, I went there yesterday and got a frozen mozzarella stick so I’m still pissed about it

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