February 2, 2023

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Brittany Matthews Sucks

Sterling Skye, Patrick Mahomes, Brittany Matthews https://www.instagram.com/p/CVf2Oy2PBFH/ Credit: Brittany Matthews/Instagram

The Chiefs and Bills had arguably the best NFL playoff game of all time this past weekend. Not only were both teams playing at their best, but you can argue that those were the two best teams in the NFL other than the Rams and Packers. Two franchise quarterbacks went head to head and I’m not certain I’ll ever see a shootout like that again in my lifetime. That being said, yeah emotions were high.

Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany Matthews, decided to pull a major bitch move after the game ended. The Chiefs won in dramatic fashion, and she decides to pull out a bottle of champagne and spray it on the home fans after they won. I get it, emotions are high, but this is the second round of the playoffs for fucks sake. Why celebrate like they won the Super Bowl?

If I were a fan, even though I’d be cheering too since the Chiefs won at home, I’d be so pissed. Keep in mind, it was just under 20 degrees when she did this. the fans got drenched with a bunch of shitty champagne by a chick who posts the most annoying posts on social media. All in all, I get she was stoked they won. Who wouldn’t be with the way the game went down. However, that was such a shit head move and I hope to GOD the Bengals win next week.

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