June 5, 2023

The Tap Daily

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2 Brits Bro-Down in Backyard Fight

I gotta be honest, when I first saw this video I thought the two dudes fighting were twins. What are the odds you get two blindingly pale, extremely bald guys with virtually the same build and they’re NOT twins? The answer is ZERO, ladies and gentlemen. But regardless, this side alley British bro-down between two feuding neighbors came to wide missing blows when the dude in red thought throwing hands was a good idea.

At first glance it would seem a wise decision, especially because his opponent dressed himself in khaki cargo pants willingly, which honestly could’ve been the main driver for the fight. Quickly we realize cargo pants was the nerdy kid that took Karate classes to protect himself from douchebags like Reebok red, especially when he pulls out the combo of a lifetime and drops his douchebag neighbor straight on his English ass. Because they’re British I’m assuming they’re drunk and that assumption is based on nothing besides the fact that I assume all Europeans drink 24/7. Combine the alcohol with an ongoing neighborly feud and you get an overconfident red-shirted dickhead deciding the best move is to punch the guy he’ll live next to for years to come in the face. Seems bright, until he gets dropped half a dozen times. A well deserved result for Reebok red.

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