March 20, 2023

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Breakfast spots should start offering bottle service

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bottle service
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I was waiting in line one weekend morning for a table at one of the South Bay’s coveted breakfast spots, Uncle Bill’s Pancake House. It’s a Sunday morning and the place (like any good flapjack joint on a weekend) is an absolute madhouse. They estimate at least a half hour until we can be seated at a table.

The sun was hitting and just reminding me of all the naughty shenanigans from the previous few hours. I was hungover and hangry and wanted nothing more than to be sitting down, downing some delicious omelettes and pancakes.

Then it hit me… the night before, we were waiting in line to get into an establishment in Santa Monica’s d├ębauche club scene. And after not moving anywhere for quite a long time, one of my buddies (with racks) decided to buy us all a table and bottle service at the club. Voila, immediately we were ushered inside to an empty table, waiting just for us to party the night away.

Now my argument here is… your local pancake palace should have the same type of service. Leave open a couple of tables for those people willing to spend some more dough, charge ’em for a bottle and let them SKIP THE LINE!! You know they say… the best cure for a hangover is more alcohol, so throw some vodka in our orange juices and brandy in our coffees and let’s keep the party rolling!

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