June 5, 2023

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Breakfast for Dinner is the Best Thing Ever

Have you ever been in the following situation? The sun is going down, and it’s time to start putting dinner together, but you’ve got nothing to eat. Your fridge and pantry are devoid of suppertime foods, but you don’t want to order takeout after an expensive weekend of extracurricular activities. This was me last night, and while I searched for spare ingredients to get me through the evening, something dawned on me. I may be out of dinner food, but my breakfast supplies are fully stocked. That’s when I made the decision to have breakfast for dinner, and oh what a fantastic decision it was.

breakfast for dinner

There are a number of ways to enjoy breakfast for dinner. Mine included scrambled eggs, bacon, frozen waffles, and hashbrowns, but you may prefer over-easy eggs, french toast, and sausage links, which is totally fine. One of the beautiful things about breakfast for dinner, or BFD, is how versatile it can be. An egg or a piece of toast alone isn’t much more than a snack, but combine them and you’ve got something akin to a meal. No two BFDs are the exact same, and that is an amazing thing.

Pairing different foods means different flavor combinations. No meal does sweet and savory as well as BFD does it. Pancakes and bacon? Waffles and Bacon? Crepes and bacon? You get the idea. It’s like dinner and dessert all in one, but you tell yourself it’s okay because you don’t have any other food in your home. BFD is the poor man’s living large, and I’m 100% here for it.

The more I think about this, the more I understand why IHOP is open all night, and why people are so adamant about all-day breakfast at McDonald’s. There’s something about breaking your fast that doesn’t follow the rules of lunch or dinner. Foods that are overly salty, greasy, or full of sugar are all okay, as long as they’re part of a balanced breakfast. After all, nothing gets your day going like hypertension. So whether your pantry is bone-dry or not, consider cracking a few eggs for dinner and reminding yourself what BFD is all about.

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