February 2, 2023

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Bondi Rescue is the best reality show you’ve never heard of

The past few days, pretty much out of nowhere, I’ve discovered an Australian reality show called “Bondi Rescue” and I literally can’t stop watching. It basically follows around the lifeguard team at famous Bondi Beach in Sydney and shows all the rescues and shenanigans they get into.

Here, enjoy some of the greatest hits from the show-

So while all the bulk of the show is filled up with all these real life rescues, these guys themselves are absolutely classic.

There’s really no fighting or drama like any of those trashy reality shows. Just pure Aussie studs saving lives day after day. It’s been on since 2006 but they’re still releasing new episodes up to now.

The whole lifeguard crew is essentially like a fraternity. You’ve got your new trainees trying to do all they can to impress the seasoned vets, who have seen everything. I don’t think I could think of a person that exudes “cool” more than a veteran Bondi Beach lifeguard. These guys are so sick.

Makes you appreciate all our first responders go through, along with the cheekiness of Australian humor. Give the show a watch, promise you’ll be entertained.

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