February 6, 2023

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Birds Aren’t Real Movement Picks Up Speed

A powerful social media movement now turned to an actual rally cry has begun it’s nationwide protest tour this past month. “Birds Aren’t Real,” a completely necessary global awakening, recently made their first stop in Springfield, MO where the tour kicked off with some marching and initial filming for an upcoming documentary on the subject. Lead by anti-bird activist, Peter Mcindoe, the group is expected to make appearances in more major cities across the U.S. and potentially worldwide.

Essentially the movement is to make the American people aware that the U.S. Government has been actively replacing living birds with tracking robots to surveil the American public. When asked what makes him believe the conspiracy to be real, anti-bird leader Mcindoe noted “the evidence is all around us. Birds sit on power lines, we believe they’re charging on power lines. We believe that bird poop on car is a liquid tracking apparatus.”

The movement has quickly picked up speed since its birth in 2017 when Mcindoe first held up a sign at a Women’s March rally that read “Birds are a myth; They’re an illusion; They’re a lie; Wake up America! Wake Up!” After photos of Mcindoe’s powerful sign went viral, the movement exploded on social media and an eventually a Facebook page that has since grown to 97k supporters was established. There were also a few other birds aren’t real accounts that marked “No Kyles allowed” in their names which upon reading struck me negatively as I am too a supporter of the movement, but this movement is too powerful to take that personal.

Regardless of their ant-Kyle hate speech, “Birds Aren’t Real” isn’t the movement we deserve right now in a time of high political stress… It’s the one we need. A movement we can all get behind. Are birds real? Are they just robots that track our every movement? Kind of makes you wonder about the little fucker perched up on your windowsill right now, doesn’t it? “Bird’s Aren’t Real” might not have any direct evidence to prove their theories, but they don’t exactly have anything against it… Besides the real living and breathing birds you do see. But as perfectly crafted government replicas of the real thing I ask you… How can you truly know they aren’t drones? Stay safe, my friends.

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