November 29, 2022

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Bills Fans Are Legally Crazy

Alright, I’ve seen my fair share of crazy sports fans in my day. Who hasn’t? However, the Buffalo Bills have the most rabid and straight up psycho fans in the world. What haven’t they done to tailgate, celebrate a win or celebrate a loss? They check all the boxes. They love to drink, they love the Bills and they have little to no awareness to their well being or the well being of others.

Take this video, for example. At todays pregame tailgate, Bills fans were getting after it. Now I wish this video was out of the ordinary but sadly it isn’t. These two dudes decided to go straight WWE on their girlfriends and pile drive them into a table. This could have ended terribly but holy shit this makes me want to get the next flight to Buffalo and join the #BillsMafia. Their tailgates are an absolute bloodbath and something everyone has to encounter at least once in their adult life.

Not only do they dive into tables to support their team, but they also bring it into the houshold. This video highlights the fact that ALL BILLS FANS are legally insane. This is a fucking gender reveal where a guy sends it off the top ropes. I mean come on guys, the writing is on the wall that this will happen until someone gets killed. But honestly, this is just the energy the Bills need.

I mean fuck it. The Bills defense put up 21 fantasy points for me today so keep it going.

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