June 5, 2023

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Big League Ballin: Steve Ballmer Fondles Multiple Men on Television

I know what you’re thinking….. What the hell did I just witness?  Los Angeles Clippers owner and former Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, displayed a rather “ballsy” celebration last Wednesday night during his Clippers’ 130-103 loss to the Phoenix Suns.  

Obviously, in the NBA Playoffs, tensions are hot.  I understand an overzealous celebration when there’s a lot on the line.  Maybe even a swift yet welcoming pat on the ass showing authority while also making the receiver feel at peace.  That is what makes sports great.  However, this celebration probably hit every HR violation possible in 8 short seconds.  An impressive display, really.  

I’m not sure what Ballmer was going for here but there was more action in this 8 second clip than Rosie O’Donnell has gotten since Y2K.  Ballmer’s two friends were noticeably taken aback by his tender embrace, if I can call it that.  But hey, sometimes you gotta roll with the punches to get floor seats during the Western Conference Finals of the NBA Playoffs.  

If this is going on in public while being broadcasted to the world, one has to speculate as to what the hell is going on behind the closed doors of the Clippers front office.  However, it was very hot. 

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