February 2, 2023

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Best Ways To Make Your Van Less Creepy

We have all been there. I know everyone loves the space, versatility and sex appeal of a sweet van as their first choice for a vehicle. Vans not only have great style but also offer a plethora of other benefits. The one problem is the stereotype that all vans are owed and operated by public masturbators or pedophiles. How can we as a van community get around this stigma that labels us as public offenders and law breakers? I can think of a few.

First off, make sure that the windows are either removed completely or at the very least covered up in some fashion. If a pedestrian sees a van that has its windows covered up then they will immediately let their guard down knowing that the owner cares abut style and values a clean look for the van. Nobody wants to look into someones window and see a mess. This precaution will only make the van seem more inviting.

Next, I advise you park your van in low profile areas to maintain its new, clean look. If you park in busy parking lots or high traffic areas, your van is more likely to get hit by others car doors or grocery carts. These dings and scratches will make it look weathered and creepy. I suggest parking under freeway overpasses or in the corner of school parking lots away from other cars. The seclusion here suggests to others that you as the owner value the cars physique and build.

Lastly, I suggest painting the van to look more inviting. If you add details such as a “Free Candy” sign and distribute candy to the public, most people will value your generosity and appreciate your kindness. Not only will this make the van more inviting, but you can help the community as a whole by doing this. The paint job together with the kind act of giving out free candy, will inspire others to do better and treat others the way you want to be treated.

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