February 2, 2023

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Best Sunburns of the 21st Century

Don’t get it twisted…. Summer is the best time of the year. The day drinking, perfect weather and vacations all lead to fun in the sun, but that could come with a cost.  We all have that one ginger or fair skinned friend that gets absolutely roasted in the sun at every event.  Here are the worst sunburns I have seen to date. 

This one had to be planned perfectly.  I don’t know about you but I would hate to get a sunburn as a joke.  This guy went full send and designed the Batman logo on his chest.  I think this is an absolute chick magnet to say the least and it takes incredible confidence to pull this off. Whoever designed this obviously knows what they are doing. 

I love a good farmer’s tan as much as the next guy.  Whenever I am at the beach I can immediately tell who golfs every Saturday and crushes beers in the sun.  This guy either lives on the golf course or always plays beer dye with a t-shirt on.  Either way, this poor guy can’t tan to save his life.  At this point I would just wear a long sleeve 24/7 even if it is 100 degrees outside.  Someone needs to drench this guy with a fire extinguisher because he looks like he is on fire. Even his nipples are red?!!?

You have to feel for this guy.  Who hasn’t fallen asleep in the sun after a few too many vodka sodas on the beach or at the pool?  This guy’s friends chose violence and did a great job at it.  At least this is better than them writing an “enter here” tramp stamp right above his ass.  Who knows, maybe this guy got a 3rd degree burn from this.  Guy needs aloe vera ASAP.

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