March 31, 2023

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Best Summer Sports With a Dad Bod

Its almost summer time people and dad bods are in right now. What are a few sports or activities where a day bod isn’t just acceptable but preferred? Here are just a few:

First, bocce ball. Bocce ball is a blast and its one of the biggest activities in the Italian community. Lets face it, Italians are typically fat and unathletic, like me. However, there are a few sports which require little to no physical mobility to talent in general. This makes bocce ball the ultimate dad bod sport for the summer. Think about it, you’re standing there with a sex on the beach in one hand and a bocce ball in the other. You’re making fun of your 5 year old cousin who just fell and scraped their knee. Your killing it in life. Who wouldn’t want to do all of this shirtless with a farmers tan fostered by hundreds of rounds of aggressively below average golf rounds on the weekend?

Next is yoga. Yoga offers a technical approach to working out. You don’t need to be fast, athletic or skinny to do yoga. Its tough but very rewarding and puts people in the right mood to be positive members of society. However, I think it would be hilarious to do this shirtless with a dad bod. Can you imagine your friend with the body resembling a 50 pound bag of soggy cornflakes shirtless in the downward dog position? The only thing better would be if he started ripping farts during the class. Hopefully its outdoors and not in a studio. Imagine if it was hot yoga? My God, if theres a hell it has to be that.

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