March 31, 2023

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Best Rough N’ Rowdy Punches

Barstool Sports host the Rough N’ Rowdy boxing competition every few months. This is a boxing organization similar to the UFC where average joes get to fight each other. People from the town R&R travels to get to submit applications and enter the ring for a straight up cock fight. Here are some of my favorite clips recently.

These two fighters, with a combined weight of well over 500 pounds, were throwing haymakers the entire fight. This was a Mexican standoff through and through. Its tough to find punches this good, especially considering that most of these fighters have little to no training whatsoever. These guys make up the lack of talent with a whole lotta heart. I mean look at that punch. You have to respect it.

This next one has to be my favorite. the connection on this punch is perfect and if you squint you could actually think this guy had some training once or twice. Either way, this was a haymaker that ended it for both parties. What a hit. this guy goes down like a sack of bricks straight on his back. Body straight and the mouthpiece goes flying. I could watch this over and over for the rest of my life.

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