March 20, 2023

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Best Doughnuts Ranking

I’m naturally a desert guy who has a pretty significant sweet-tooth. I love to eat desert or any sugary breakfast in the morning. Typically, I try to stick with common foods like pancakes drenched is syrup, cereal or toast with honey. However, lately I have been housing doughnuts, so here are my top doughnut choices for you all to try ASAP.

Doughnut Holes – Not only are doughnut holes simple yet delicious, they also are the perfect size. You can eat multiple at once as fast as Joey Chestnut shoving 4 hotdogs down his throat at a time. It’s impressive to watch if you ask me. Most importantly, doughnut holes are perfect for food fighting purposes. With a small and aerodynamic design, they are accurate from distance and their small size allows the fighter to carry more ammunition at once.

Apple Fritter – By far the grittiest on the list, apple fritters are large and pack a punch. I love eating them with coffee and remember the first one I ever had. One time I did have a friend knock my apple fritter out of my hand and it fell on the ground. The only way I thought I could get revenge was by drawing a penis on his homework with a Sharpie. This was totally worth it and I have never regretted that decision nor will I ever regret that decision. Treat others the way you want to be treated or I’ll draw dicks on your things, your call.

Danish – I classify a Danish as a doughnut. Call me crazy if you want, it is a pastry that offers tons of flavors and is perfect for an on the go snack. I’m a huge fan of the peach Danish which goes perfectly with any meal throughout the day. A Danish is good in a food fight as well since they handed quickly. Over time, they can really do some damage to the opposition.

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