March 31, 2023

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Top 3 Best Dating Apps with Hot People

It’s Friday night, your phone has zero notifications and your hand is halfway down your pants. Loneliness sets in as you realize the rest of your weekend looks exactly like what you’re doing right now, just with a pile of fast food wrappers slowly accumulating in front of you as the days go by. You long for physical attention but aren’t willing to go out to a bar to try and pick someone up, so what do you do? Try one of these top 3 best dating apps to find someone to keep you company.

Best dating apps - Hinge

Hinge – It’s extremely arguable that the most attractive users are found on Hinge. The profiles are more robust, reply templates give you something to talk about and with the standout feature you even can choose from some of the most liked and attractive profiles in your area. The only downside? There’s no in between when it comes to how attractive the people are that you’re seeing in your feed. Hinge will either show you 10/10’s or 2/10’s… Nothing else exists. Regardless, with the amount of beauty that you’ll see in your feed this app is well worth the search.

Best dating apps - bumble

Bumble – Every guy’s ideal way to meet a woman is to have her approach him and start the conversation. With Bumble that’s exactly what you get… Women. Go. First. Overall there’s not much to the profile layout as it provides the basic 3-5 photo design with some optional question templates for chicks to write “future MILF” or “don’t tell my boyfriend.” The quality of people seems to be pretty average, nothing special but also nothing horribly grotesque. All in all with women leading the conversation on this app it’s easy to mark this one in the top 3.

Best Dating Apps - Tinder

Tinder – Ah yes, the OG. Tinder’s been around longer than any other dating apps, second only in age to E-Harmony. The layout is the dating app template all others seem to copy so familiarity of design will be easy to navigate. Again, the profiles in this one are extremely basic. 3-5 photos seems to be the norm, marking your college of attendance and height, combined with the blue checkmark to verify you’re a real person and you get a run-of-the-mill Tinder profile.

Overall the selection of matches is all over the place. You get every variety of women under the sun, from smoke shows to Seaworld shows… the whole spectrum of beauty seems to use this app. Thankfully for you, the possibility of matching with someone gorgeous still remains high thus making Tinder the reigning OG dating app.

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