November 29, 2022

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Best “Arthur” Memes on the Internet

Arthur, the beloved children’s series, is ending after a 25 year run on PBS. The lovable aardvark taught us many valuable lessons growing up and continues to live on via hilarious viral memes. These are the best Arthur memes the internet has to offer.

The Fist

Surely the most iconic Arthur meme to date, the fist has a way of embodying frustration better than most words ever could. There’s no shortage of irritating situations in which the tense fist is the most fitting response.

D.W. at the Pool

D.W. is such a vibe. This meme screams, “I want something, but I can’t have it.” From situations of true unfairness to minor inconveniences, D.W’s diva glasses say it all.

Can’t Read

Another D.W. classic, this meme doesn’t care about your stupid rules. Like a rebel without a cause, D.W. is a true inspiration to the millennial generation.

Hit it and Quit it

While slightly less family-friendly, this Arthur meme laughs at the young adult who grew up watching the spectacled aardvark go on wholesome adventures. Even without a caption, the image alone says a thousand words.


We’ve all been there. Honestly though, if cake in real life looked this good I would be trying to unhinge my jaw just like Arthur.

Money Maker

Saving money is hard! Why not celebrate a little after earning that $10 tip?


I’m sure the animators had a chuckle when making this episode. To me, this feels like an antiquated problem that requires a modern solution. Aka, get my man Arthur some damn AirPods!

Tired D.W.

I can feel this image in my soul. After 25 years of service, D.W. can finally rest.


Perhaps the most wholesome meme on this list, Arthur and Buster’s slippers give off big pink and yellow underwear vibes from the fry cook games episode of Spongebob. It’s cute because they’re animals, but I wouldn’t try the same thing with your human bestie.

D.W. is an Absolute Savage

D.W. will end your career, no questions asked.

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