February 2, 2023

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Best and Worst Fast Food Fries

If ever there were a litmus test for the overall quality of a fast food restaurant’s food, it would be how good their fries are.  There are exceptions to this rule; some fast food joints put more emphasis on the burger and let the fries fall to the way side.  However, in my mind, a burger is not complete without a side of fries and therefore bad quality fries count toward a bad quality meal.  Here are the best and worst fast food fries. 

The Worst:

In-N-Out: This should come as no surprise.  It is almost universally recognized that In-N-Out has bad fries.  People have come up with a million ways to dress these strings of cardboard up, “Oh well you have to get them animal style.” They say. Or, “You have to ask for them well-done.”  Hey, listen.  If they were good fries you wouldn’t have to do shit with them, I’ll skip the fries and get a second double-double aight?

A disgrace…really

Chick-fil-A:  It’s no surprise that a bunch of holy-roller Midwesterners think that undercooked potatoes in the shape of a waffle will pass as fries.  Here’s a suggestion, throw them back in the fryer and throw some seasoning on those jawns. 

You look so good, but taste so bad

Raising Cane’s: Don’t get me started on Cane’s.  If this place didn’t already suck enough, their fries aren’t helping them at all.  These are the type of fries you buy from a concession stand run by a 12-year old kid.  Step your fry game up, and while I’m at it step your chicken game up. 

Bullshit fries for a bullshit chain

The Best:

Shake Shack: Shake Shack is overall impressive.  While their fries look basic in their crinkle cut form, these guys are done to perfection.  Nice and crispy, soft on the inside and nicely seasoned.  We’re not talking sauce here (that’s for another day) but their fries dipped in their sauce (oh lawd!) don’t hurt either.

These Boujie fries get the job done

Five Guys: You already know! So many things right about the Five Guys fries. It dosen’t matter if you’re ordering small medium or large, they are going hook you up. And that Cajun seasoning…marrone.

Now that’s what I’m fuckin talking about!

McDonald’s: I don’t wanna hear it you McDonald’s haters.  You’re telling me if you get a large fry from Ronny Mac’s you’re not finishing the whole damn thing?  They’re thin and crispy and salted to the max.  For the quantity this chain is churning out, they keep the fry quality up, and for that I show them nothing but respect.        

Respect…straight up

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